Y Ddraig, a 68000 computer

Welcome to my 68000 based computer page. This site is to document the progress of the hardware and software for the board.

Having toyed with some simple single board computers in the past i’ve been wanting to build something based on the 68000 for some time. After coming across the Kiwi a 68008 based computer designed by Simon Ferber, I decided to build my own.

Y Ddraig (The Dragon) has a lot on common with the Kiwi. This is done to allow software to be developed that can be easily ported across the two systems.

The goal at the end is to develop a computer that starts up almost instantly and presents the user with a BASIC prompt very much in the style of the computers of the 80s and 90s.

In addition to the on board BASIC, a basic operating system will be provided to allow software to be loaded from a hard drive.